11 Benefits of Borojó

Among the benefits provided by the consumption of borojó, we have:

  1. Known as the energy fruit for its B-vitamin content, providing a boost in energy levels for athletes and those looking for an extra daily boost. It is a “natural energy drink”.

  2. Its high phosphorus content helps protect brain function.
    It is high in amino acids and protein.
  3. It is a natural “Viagra” and aphrodisiac, known as “Love Juice” in the indigenous peoples of Panama, Colombia and the Amazon region.
  4. Natives have used it for centuries to heal wounds, balance blood sugar, control high blood pressure, regulate blood pressure, relieve menstrual discomfort and bronchial infections.
  5. It is a source of Niacin (B3), which can help combat symptoms of depression, anxiety and behavioral problems in children.
  6. It is full of other phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals, which bring benefits to your health.
  7. It can be used for consumption in the following forms: juice, jelly, sauce, pulp, in alcoholic beverages, ice cream, capsules and extract.
  8. Fortifies DNA and RNA structures helping in cell regeneration.
  9. May help with cholesterol problems.
  10. It is rich in a novel polyphenol compound that may be, in part, responsible for the health benefits attributed to it.
  11. Research is still underway to determine what health benefits it may provide.

Borojó is among the Connplants products.