Product line


We offer medicinal, aromatic and food plants for the food industry, phytotherapeutics and marketers.


We offer spices and seasonings for the food industry, sectors such as condiments, meat and seasonings.


We offer fruits with different dehydration processes, commonly used in multivitamins, fibers, supplements, aromatics.


We offer raw material for the industrial and commercial sector. Its main use is to aromatize.


Raw material for the phytotherapeutic industry.


We offer powdered raw material with granulometry adjusted to your requirements.

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Why choose our products?

Our infrastructure and technology allow us to comply with standards and requirements in product type, granulometry, microbiology, packaging, transportation, among others, according to the needs of our customers, delivering products with the highest quality.


Our products are delivered within the agreed time, with their respective microbiological analysis, technical data sheet and safety data sheet, complying with the requirements established for natural and food products.


We adapt to the customer's needs, that is why we offer a wide portfolio with more than 400 products in different presentations, ready to be distributed according to the delivery time and granulometry required.


Our social commitment motivates us to promote and encourage the indigenous and peasant communities of Colombia, instructing and training them in the use of the countryside and the commercialization of their products for the growth of their region.


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