Our Products

We offer national and imported products. We have more than 120 medicinal plants with different granulometries, generally used as raw material for the food industry, phytotherapeutics and marketers.

Our products are of the highest quality. They enter in whole form and we process them ourselves to modify their granulometry and thus guarantee their purity to the customer.

These raw materials can be used by the entire food industry.

Our fruits are 100% Colombian raw material, used to flavor consumer products.

They are used as supplements, multivitamins, beverage elaboration, etc.

In order to meet the requests of all our customers and taking advantage of our relationship with national and international suppliers, our lines of fragrances are focused on the cosmetic and marketing industry.

Raw material for the phytotherapeutic industry.

Innovate, high quality products and provide excellent service are our being, that is why we offer the new line of standardized extracts for the entire pharmaceutical industry to our exclusive customers.

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