Whole, chopped and powdered

Therapeutic Properties: helps to lower bad cholesterol, aids digestion, it is also a remedy for stomach pain and gastritis. It helps to combat insomnia, cough, increases the immune system, is diuretic and its anti-inflammatory properties combat arthritis and rheumatism pains.


Scientific name: Peamus boldus

Other Names: Peta, voldu

Active Principles: Essential Oil with monopoterpene components (camphor) benzyltetrahydroisoquinolenic alkaloids with aporphinoid nucleus (0.2-0.5%) with boldine being the majority. The active ingredient is an alkaloid, boldine, which has choleretic, cholagogue and diuretic effects, also presents minor concentrations of other alkaloids, especially isobuldine and laurontenin. From the leaves, a 2% essential oil is also extracted, strongly aromatic, rich in eucalyptol and ascaridol. It is also recommended as an anthelmintic.

Part used: leaves

Presentation: whole, chopped and powdered.