Therapeutic Properties: Garcinia Cambogia has the main substance of vitamin C and hydroxycitric acid which are its main properties, these manage to satisfy the appetite and helps to limit the intake of large amounts of food, which means that it is a great help for people who are overweight and can not stop stop eating voluntarily. On the other hand, it is also a lipogenesis inhibitor, which means that this acid inhibits fatty acids and cholesterol.


Scientific name: Garcina cambogia

Other Names: Malabar Tamarind

Active Ingredients: Hydroxycitric acid (30% in the rind): Structurally it is similar to citric acid found in citrus fruits. It is found in greater quantity in the rind of the fruit, which is dried for use as a condiment in curries. it influences the metabolism giving a feeling of satiety and suppressing the synthesis of body fat. garnicol (anti-inflammatory and potent anticarcinogen), succinic acid (antibacterial), tartaric acid (antioxidant) – the resin contains camboginol and cambogin, from which gum guta, with purgative properties, is made.

Presentation: Bark