Marine Algae

Chopped and powdered

Therapeutic Properties: Thyroid regulator, obesity, goiter, cellulitis, glandular disorders, dietetic, depurative, detoxifying, tonifying, glandular regulator, anemia, tonsillitis, arthritis, goiter, heart, cellulitis, constipation, energy, hemorrhoids, hemophilia, insomnia, lactation, nerves, mumps, psoriasis, varicose veins, counteracts toxins, tissue repair, bowel cleansing and prevents inflammation of the lymph nodes.


Scientific name: Fucus vesiculosus.

Other Names: Fucus seaweed, Fucus, sea oak, bladderwrack, sea lettuce, bladderwrack, sea oak, bladderwrack, bladderwrack, kelp (English).

Active Ingredients: Chlorophyll, b-carotene, fucoxanthin, violaxanthin, other xanthophylls, soluble carbohydrate, laminaria, mannitol, fats, algin, fatty acid polymers, gulomic acid, mammuronic acid, glucuronic acid, zinc. Besides iodine, it is also very rich in other elements and universal salts: potassium, bromine, chlorine, magnesium, calcium, iron, silica, zinc, etc.

Part used: The whole seaweed.

Presentation: Chopped and powdered.