Powdered form

Therapeutic Properties: The infusion of the flowers is used to combat some conditions of a nervous nature, as is the case of anxiety and insomnia. It also has general tonic qualities, so it is recommended to improve circulation and in the prevention of heart disease. It is slightly sedative, so it is used to relieve some mild but annoying pains such as headaches and sore gums.

It has great digestive benefits, as it is a laxative, useful in cases of digestive disorders or constipation. Regular consumption of the fruit combats fluid retention, prevents kidney stones and stimulates digestive functions. To obtain the benefits of this fruit as a purgative it is necessary to chew the seeds of the fruit very well and ingest them.

For constipation


Other Names: Pitaya or Dragon Fruit

Active Ingredients: 90% of the fruit is composed of water and is rich in iron, calcium and phosphorus; it also contains vitamin B, C and E. Its energy value is 210 kJ/100 g.

Part used: Fruit