Leaves and powder

Therapeutic Properties: Regulates blood glucose levels. In some countries it is even used as a treatment to improve diabetes because it seems to regulate insulin levels. It has 0 calories, that is, it is totally caloric. It also decreases the desire or appetite for sweets and fats. It prevents and inhibits the reproduction of bacteria and infectious organisms. Improves resistance to colds and flu.


Origin: Native to Paraguay and Brazil.

Scientific Name: Stevia Rebaudiana Bertoni

Other Names: Good Herb, Sandalwood, Sweet Herb.

Active Ingredients: Iron, manganese and cobalt.  Does not contain caffeine. Molecular weight = 804, Formula: C 38 H 60 O 18, Crystals in pure state melt at 238° C. Its flavor remains stable at high and low temperatures. It does not ferment. It is soluble in water, ethyl and methyl alcohol.

Part Used: Leaves.